Keeping Your Home Secured While You Are On A Summer Vacation

Summer is probably the most loved season by every family. It is the time when kids are out of school and parents can plan vacations and family trips without having to worry about missed classes. Everyone is excited and eagerly preparing for that big family trip somewhere. Tickets are booked and the accommodations are arranged. The family trip itinerary has been reviewed for several times already. But wait. Have you taken measures to keep your home secured while you are out enjoying the beach on some tropical country?

A lot of burglaries happen when families are out on a vacation. The movie ‘Home Alone’ may be hilariously entertaining but it is actually a reminder to all of us of what could happen when we are away and opportunistic criminals are out to clean our homes with everything they could possibly carry. And those unfortunate events do not only happen in the movies. We often see in the news real burglaries taking place when nobody’s home. So before you leave for that dream vacation, take time to plan and take measures so that you can come back to a truly home sweet home.


So, before getting busy with your luggage, pay utmost attention to your home’s security. Here are some tips that you can’t just ignore.

  • Be careful with your social media status updates.

Social media is a very popular medium of communicating with the people who matters to us. We use social media to keep our friends and family on the loop of our activities – including our vacation! There is nothing wrong with that, only make sure that you post problem with your pictures after you have come home and not before or during your trip (Laws on credit card debt relief ). If you are in the habit of accepting random people as “friends” then you become vulnerable to people who are just pretending to know you, but are actually thieves and burglars fishing out for your personal information.

  • Give the impression that you are home even if you are not.

One of the most telltale sign that nobody’s home are lights that are either out or open for extended periods and curtains that are either open or close all the time. Thieves and burglars are keen observers of signs of activities and movements inside the house. In order to give the impression that somebody’s home, invest in a quality home automation system. With a home automation system, you can control your home from anywhere via your phone or other similar to devices. These systems allows you to switch lights on and off, close and open curtains, or activate appliances like radios and TVs as if you are actually there. Although these systems maybe costly for most of us, this is an effective burglar deterrent and can give us peace of mind that everything is under control back home while we are on vacation.dealing with debt collectors

  • Cultivate good relationships with your neighbors.

Neighbors can look after your home especially when your whole family is out on vacation. They can collect your mails from your mailbox regularly so that they do not overflow and even water your plants to make it appear that somebody is home tending the plants. Good neighbors look after each other. They can alert you if somebody is suspiciously lurking around or if they notice anything unusual while you are away. So, be a good neighbor. It surely pay handsome dividends.

  • Keep your house in good condition all the time.

Whether you are vacationing or not, it is always best to keep your house in tip top shape. Fix loose hinges, rotting window jambs, and other parts of the house that are potential accesses for burglars. Bear in mind that these seemingly small things may jeopardize your own and your family’s safely. Rotting wood are especially easy to pry. Furthermore, do not leave your garden tools lying around because the burglar can use it to open your door or windows.

This may be common sense, but a lot of us actually take the importance of good locks for granted when aesthetics is being compromised. Locks are the front liners when it come so home security so it should take precedence over aesthetics. However, this is no longer a tough decision to make nowadays as advancement in technology has given us more precise locking systems that are also visually pleasing. However, homeowners should ensure that they are installed properly. Poorly installed locks are easily manipulated by seasoned burglars.

  • Make technology work for you.

Today’s security gadgets are highly sophisticated. In cases where burglaries are not prevented, a good system can take and send snapshots or videos whenever someone enters your premises. These systems helped homeowners and police officers track down perpetrators and sometimes recover the stolen goods.

  • If possible, ask a trusted friend or relatives to have a holiday in your place while you are away.

There is nothing more comforting than knowing that somebody trusted is taking care of your home while you take your trip.

Summer vacation is indeed fun so don’t let the worry of whether your home is safe or not spoil the experience. What you need to do is to follow the tips above so you will enjoy your holiday knowing that burglars cannot enter your abode and that you are coming home from your trip to a safe and secured place.